Note verbale


IT’S like making an imprint of the spoken words. That is what is something right about “write words” here. We hope, dream and aspire to make an impressum of what we think, feel, write and do.

In defining the “write” in writing here, may I venture to you: That…?

multiplatform tyoewriter

WRITING is not just anymore the simple scribbling of ideas and ideals that letters, numbers, lines, shapes and colors of life magnify (or comes live and alive) from pen to paper, from typewriter to paper, or from computer to the screen onto the media space and (again, to paper when printed as) hard copy.

In my experience as advocacy journalist for more than 33 years, I had observed that writing per se had evolved into not just the text or SMS format but also to other platforms.

Writing your ideas for impact is also done in the form and substance of images (or photographs, pictures or pixels), whether stills or moving, or of audio (verbally or oral), or of video or film (the moving images), or of live performance (acting out as in the performing art), or of 3D (three-dimensional format), 4G (fourth generation gadgets) and hologram, and of the other current and next “new” media technology platforms.

The words that we write here in the form of letters, pictures, videos and other platforms always start with text of a few words and phrases, and expands into paragraphs and stories.

Writing has an infinite platform of possibilities!

By the way, we shall be writing the words for the Light, to help in making things right, one idea with impact at a time, one day at any given time, from anywhere and everywhere we are in the world. #

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