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It is Filipino, it is Tagalog, it is Spanish, it is English

Medium Asenso

ASENSO, by definition, in Spanish, in English and in the Filipino language [or the lingua franca of the Tagalogs who are predominant (the Tagalog speakers from all the provincial regions) in The Philippines], means “preferment” or “promotion in rank” (Google Translate); or “claim, right, preferred” or in its obsolete form: “pushed” (Wiktionary). My own PC’s Thesaurus says asenso means “elevation or upgrading,” and I added, “leveling up.”

By redefinition, asenso means job promotion, movement, evolution, growth, expansion, advancement, improvement, betterment, innovation, progress and development.

Asenso, in the book of the author, is not only the acquisition or attainment of riches, wealth, fame, fortune, power and influence by any means or ways, like by birth, by inheritance, by marriage, by hard work or smart work, by luck or chance, by gift, or by impropriety, misconduct or dubious means, if not by force or grabbing.

Asenso, in the author’s own definition, is anything and everything health.

It is health of the body, mind, heart and spirit.

It is health of the economy and health of the nation.

It is health of the environment and health of the world.

It means the uplift of consciousness or paglilinang sa kamalayan at kamulatan. Kalinangan is culture; paglilinang, culturization. It is pagtataas, pag-aangat, pagbubunyi, pagdiriwang sa tunay na katuwiran, kahalagahan, katuturan, kabuluhan at kahulugan ng kamalayan.

Asenso is the emerging language of jobs, business, careers and opportunities for real people, in circa-21 or the 21st Century.#


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