A little about me


Marc Guerrero is a Barcelona based in fashion and beauty photography.

Born  in Barcelona, has worked for the first 5 years in the audiovisual sector as a producer and as an assistant director in film and advertising, eventually deciding to persue his passion for photography studying a Master’s Degree in Fashion and Advertising Photography and working as freelance photographer in Barcelona since 2020. 

About my process

My work

Marc combines fashion photography with a more modern and inclusive style with a mind set on cinema.

You can see some of her current work in this site, or visiting her instagram account @marcguerrerophoto. For work or any other general  inquiries please email at hello@marcguerrero.com.

Internationally published


With publications in various recognised worldwide magazines such as: Lady Gunn, This Bitch, Picton, Stylé Cruze, Imirage, Moevir Paris or Scorpio Jin o to name a few. 

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